Guerrilla Marketing when writing a business plan?

Guerrilla marketing is a term first coined by Jay Conrad Levinson (1984) and the topic of discussion for this article. We have reviewed marketing in previous posts but Guerrilla marketing may be viewed as a more abstract and unconventional method of marketing to promote a brand or activity. The concept has quickly rose to prominence based on its ability to rapidly generate a buzz and deliver a rather tongue in cheek message to the intended audience. The theme is intended to have an immediate psychological impact which is delivered in various forms in public places, often quite unexpected.

In terms of who should use this marketing strategy various types of businesses and charities have previously adopted this, including the likes of Nestle, Fitness First and Mercedes. The recent UNICEF ‘Be a Mom for a Moment’ campaign caused a great media stir in Finland. The charity, with the aim of improving children’s welfare and reducing the number of orphaned or abandoned children around the world decided to place abandon empty push chairs with crying sound equipment fitted across Helskinki and other major Finish cities. Concerned shoppers when approaching the push chair was greeted with the message “Thank you for caring, we hope there are more people like you. Be a mom for a moment” and information about the cause. The estimated media reach was 80% of the Finnish population through its subsequent major media circulation.

It is thought that Guerrilla marketing is most effective when used by smaller businesses and aimed at a very small, rather targeted group. The strategy may be adopted when there are scarce resources and the intention is to achieve a maximum benefit from minimal resources. The main investment according to Levinson is the time, energy and thought process of the people behind the campaign.  It may be said that the Guerrilla campaigns are more memorable. However there are many implications associated with this form of marketing.  If you think it may be a good idea to startup a business and engage in guerrilla marketing to promote it, it may be worthwhile considering the potential negative repercussions.  Often guerrilla marketing is associated with graffiti and has a rather ad-hoc nature towards it. Naturally some people may find this inappropriate, vulgar and may be uncomfortable with the rather edgy feel to it. Which some would argue more suits a younger audience?  All of this activity is likely to affect the brand so it is important to give the campaigns great thought.

A key aspect of a business plan is information relating to the marketing chapter of the business. When writing a business plan it may be worthwhile mentioning any guerrilla marketing campaigns that the business has or intends to engage. Consider including pictures of the event, dates and the staff that are to be involved in the Business Plan. This information would generally go in the narrative report of the business plan. This written business plan will also consists of a broad overview of the whole business operation and prices for a professional business plan starts from £600 at Wisteria.

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